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At Incendium Inc., we offer our clients a unified marketing approach with all services under one roof. We enjoy devising innovative and fresh ideas to power our clients’ brands and amplify their stories. Our creative marketing campaigns have helped us get more customers and connect better with clients’ potential buyers. To date, we maintain an impressive clientele that includes well-known brands across diverse industries.

Incendium Inc. works together to reach goals, forming an all-encompassing marketing strategy for implementing every detail with precision. Our methods are different - they are unique and driven by trends. We stay ahead of the technology curve, test plans before recommending them to clients, and continually strive to provide marketing solutions that produce results.

    • Celebrating the Community

    At Incendium Inc, we believe companies have an excellent opportunity to add value to the world with their means and abilities. We genuinely love connecting ourselves with fundraising, hands-on volunteer work, and numerous give-back projects to support and strengthen our philanthropy principles. We also support our team members to volunteer at specific customer workshops and community activities.

    • Commitment to Excellence

    The Incendium Inc team is committed to being the best at what we do and never settle for less. We’ve watched many of our competitors lose market share over the years or go out of leads because they didn’t challenge the status quo or look for opportunities to evolve. We are particular about how we spend our time and energy. We seek excellence on the job and work to give our clients the very best. This spirit strengthens our ability to provide outstanding results to our clients.

    • Excitement and Ambition

    Solid partnership and camaraderie are at the base of our company. We respect each other, interact with honesty, listen genuinely, and express gratitude in our words and deeds. Our primary focus is on client happiness and team well-being, and we prefer going the extra mile to satisfy these requirements. We encourage our team by providing them with extensive training to improve their skill sets and add a touch of excellence in what they do.